Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well, there it is.
Everything I am going to need to make decisions on what to do with the rest of my life.
The coffee is to keep me going. The alcohol is to help me think I am smart enough. Ya know...kind of like playin pool, the more you drink the better you get...ya right!
The phone is really for all my friends so they can call and say "you can do this", and hopefully, maybe, bring me food and calorie filled pastries.
Long commitments.
Holy shit!
What your looking at...?
Interests tests, classes of certification, licences, lists of B.A.'s available here, lists from 3 others schools and one sheet possessing one full semester of transferable credits in green.
The greatest decisions I will ever make...right there.
Follow the dream or stay inside the box?
The final curtain opening for one last scene, one last bow, one last applause.
If I don't do it now, will I wish I had in another 4 years?
I will be 50 when I graduate, a young 50 of course, but still 50. 
The rest of my class...half that.
I hate it when I have rational thought...


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  1. Life is all about motion. ;-) Sometimes it's at warp speed (CapTin...I'm givin' it all I got!!!) sometimes it's at a snails pace (WHOA Nellie!) But movin' is movin' and you're doin' just fine!! (just keep that coffee and booze within arm's reach!!!)