Monday, March 7, 2011


My eldest son Christo, gave me this book several years ago on one of his trips home from Juneau, Alaska.
I love that he is in touch with his own spirituality and that he thinks of me in the enlightenment of this.
I have kept this at my bed side and carried it with me when I am away from home.
Admittedly, I am not always faithful to it's daily inspirations and sometimes weeks can go by with me not even opening the cover.
But, it is always there, I see it every day and even without opening it's pages, it reminds me of goodness and staying true to myself and the path I choose to walk. It reminds me of my son and our connection to each other.
It often takes away the complications of life by allowing me to view it...simply.
Today it reads...
                        There are those who are afraid for the wrong reason
                         and not afraid for the wrong reason
                         These people are on the wrong path
Sometimes it is hard to define where the thin lines of fear are, whether they are truly fear or resistance to that which can bring joy...
I was afraid to be a mom...I have wonderful, loving children.
I am afraid to start a new life changing career...I am afraid not too...
I see a future...


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  1. The age old question...what would Budda do? ;-) He'd have a Chi tea and think about it!