Thursday, March 31, 2011


As you all probably know...
I love Arizona and all things and peoples connected to the awesomeness of Grand Canyon
This Photo is a picture of the Hopi watch tower
Built in the 1930's
The fabulous thing about this really are two inspiring facts...
It was designed by Mary Jane Colter, a female architect
Working and living and designing and standing on the rungs of a man's climb
The other wonderful fact is that she had the insight to make it honorable to the people it represented
Using Hopi artisan's to help in the details and authenticity of it's interior
If you have been here you know what I am talking about
If you haven't, you should spend the time to stop while your at the canyon
It is so worth it
The key here...
Women have been making things happen for a long time
And maternal instinct provides us with the means to know what counts...


1 comment:

  1. .... "know what counts"....

    now that sounds so simple.
    why do we make it so complicated?
    too much listening to outside voices instead of the inside voice maybe?

    Carry On with your most amazing journey My Friend!!