Sunday, March 27, 2011

Brave Up!

"Don't Be Sassy, Just Brave Up!" 

Another quote from the book I'm reading

I love the way this lady writes!

I thought the old truck photo was a perfect compliment to the quote
Obviously, her "Sassy" has been spent
But a bit-o-rope and no doubt some baling wire
keeps her "Brave Up" image intact

There are many "Braved Up" retired heavy duty vehicles up here "on the hill"
This particular ex-military model is a water truck
Undoubtedly used to haul H2O up, down and all around this rugged mountainous terrain
Probably was a Fire Dept. truck at one time or another

There are times to be "Sassy"
There are times to "Brave Up"

"Sassy" may be entertaining
But "Brave Up" carries a silent power
That goes well beyond the Sass

Although..Sassy sure feels good...

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