Thursday, March 17, 2011


One moon, two moons, moon child, man in the moon, over the moon, harvest moon, in your moon and a moon made of cheese.
Well I am any of these or all of these, would eat the cheese and feed the cow, plant the harvest, shake the hand of the man and share a blog with another moon.
I see the moon rise large in the autumn, preparation of the oncoming fall.
I see the winter moon fall into a gray sky.
On the thought of warmth and spring it comes to us in skies of blue
early warning
evening is coming as it falls later in a brighter sky.
Something curious about that moon. 
Men have landed there and given us scientific description and explanations
but still we look up
all the mumbo-jumbo about it's existence gone to the wind. 
We look up...we see the moon.
It's mysterious shining globe looking down on us
it's sun illuminating it's brilliance.
We are amazed and awed still, knowing nothing except that it is
a constant in a world of chaos
a large bit of shared peace that we all see...


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  1. (|) Here's a Bit-O-Moon for ya' on a fine St. Patty's Day Night (|)

    Have you heard about the "super" Moon we're having Saturday night??

    Have a "Light-O-Thee-Silvery-Moon" kind of evening Miss Amy ;-)