Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sometimes you have to wade through the muck to find out who your friends are...
Sometimes it takes years of building friendships...
Sometimes a friend is all you've got to build on...
Sometimes they are the ones pulling you out of the muck...

I am a very lucky woman to have such a friend.
As the years go by, and they surely do, we continue to build and weave our web of life strings.
One through the other, strengthening it where it needs to be stronger
Causing such greatness that we can no longer see where it began, only that it has always been

Life can bring people together as though they have always traveled side by side
Months can go by without a single word, years can eat up time without seeing their face
The security is in that silent stride, in time with yours'
The knowing that in a single moment, they will bring comfort, strength, love, and joy

The comfort of being any place in life, of saying any shocking thing or maybe nothing at all
To sit quietly with each other, an unspoken meeting of the minds
No judgement, no ego, no selfish need to prove oneself
A purity of understanding, a knowing that we have both lived in this world and grasped it with courage

My friend, my confidant, my creative inspiration...often my leap of faith
The years never seem to matter nor the thread to be broken
The joys and sorrows are but, the strongest parts of the web
We are always as we have left ourselves...old friends...

Thank you Becky...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Journey of an extraordinary kind - From Womb to Woman to Goddess

Today is a day to be celebrated

Tis the day of my blogmate Amy’s birth

10 Earth Years divide us

In Soul Years we’re equal

Even though it may appear differently  

Our victories are sparse

Our struggles many

Tradition stifles us

Reckless abandon fuels us

We are Mothers

We are Sisters

We are Grandmothers

We are poets

We are artists of The Word and of The Eye

We are not Women who take the label “impossible” seriously

Instead, we are Women who explore possibilities

 We are “WHY NOT” girls

Instead of “CAN NOT” naysayers

Perhaps that is why our struggles outnumber our victories

But then again…..

That depends on your perception of “struggles”

That depends on your perception of “victories”

Celebrate well my Friend

May the coming Earth Year bring you Soul stretching struggles that reward you with dance worthy victories

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sun Beams & Moon Shadows

On the road I see a menagerie of people, homes on wheels and their accumulated possessions.

Some like large toys, power boats, jeeps, quads, dune buggies.

Some downsize to motorcycles, scooters, kayaks, canoes, bicycles and the like. 

Some live small and savor a few meager possessions, content with day-to-day necessities.

Most crave what can’t be hitched, strapped or towed. 

The adrenaline rush of “movin’ on” to sights yet unseen.

Sunrises that explode with promise and hints of a today that will prove to be more fulfilling than yesterday. 

Sunsets that sync with moonrise and even though scientists say no “life” exists on these two celestial bodies, one can faintly hear a whisper pass between them as one disappears out of sight and the other rises to take its place. 

What one chooses to do between these sunrises and sunsets is totally up to them.

But I encourage you to step back a moment as the day begins and as the shift from day to evening unfolds and think about the power of these “dead” orbs.

The flaming ball of fire that makes life possible on this pea of a planet.

The shape-shifting lunar body that looks so docile yet controls the ebb and flow of our ocean’s tides.

Sometimes the most powerful forces are the most silent and the most ignored.

Each morning I thank the sun as it peeks over the horizon for His warmth and brilliance.

Each evening I thank the moon for Her beauty and peaceful glow.

And they respond by returning.

And I am grateful. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015



We met on Garden street, well the back alley of Garden street. While the back alleys seem to fit our curious demeanors a name like "Garden Street" certainly evokes the thought of a place green and lush, serene and bountiful, secretive and creative...alive. Definitely the evolution of this great friendship we have so eagerly maintain.
Becky is often my inspiration, my creative soul mate, my goat shed hugger, my favorite cinnamon roll binger, my ego and that one who's little voice in her head...talks to mine.
A couple of weeks ago, I bought this beaded bracelet, 7 bucks! Of course, I am never satisfied with the items at the top of the basket, so I dug through and found this single one at the bottom. Different than the rest so it must be mine. Yep, I live that way, on the edge or the bottom or wherever "different" might be leading me. BTW, Becky gets that too, she lives that way.
We had a much needed girls day today, she saw my bracelet, she loved it...of course. So I took her over to the store where I bought it, disappointed there was not an exact match...oh god! Funny, how we both silently knew that it had to be that "one", it meant something. The clerk found one, Becky cut the tags off right there at the counter and put it on, a moment of excited relief. We walked out with our new soul bracelets.
We walked, we talked, we inspired each other, we shared life, we let the day lead us, we ate Mexican food and smiled like young girls when the waitress noticed our matching bracelets and said we must be BFF's, she called us "cute", HA! I suppose we are those things too.
What I like best about our friendship is not all the things we do or the talking and laughing, it's the other stuff, the quiet moments, the rawness of it, the times when no words need to be spoken, nothing needs to be explained because she knows or we know and perhaps we have always known these two souls.
Sometimes many months go by, we get eager and find that not a single moment has passed and we pick up where we left off. The lines are always open, sometimes in a quiet, meditative hum, we connect in there, between the lines.

Me : "God Becky, I hope when we grow older we will find ourselves living close to one another"
She replied : "I've always thought it would be that way"
Me : "Me too"

Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Moment Of Love

We search
We seek
We tumble and fall
Looking for answers
To solve it all

What the heck is that all about?

Escaping the darkness
Opening the door
To peace
And more … Is no secret

But it is for each
To seek and find
There’s not one answer
To cut ties that bind

For some it’s religion
For some it’s a mate
For some it’s simply clearing the slate
And moving on….

But one thing happiness
And peace must include
Is a moment of Love
No matter how crude

Of Self

Continue to search
Continue to seek
Be bold on strong days
Take a rest when you’re weak

Some days are about you
Some days about others
What we all have in common
Is that we’re all Brothers
And Sisters

A Moment
Of Love.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

There's A Dragon In The Desert and Lemons Falling From The Sky

There's A Dragon In The Desert
and Lemons Falling From The Sky

there's a dragon in the desert
and lemons falling from the sky

I have no words to explain it
I cannot begin to tell you why

I've seen them both
I swear I have!
with my own unbelieving eyes! 

  I've seen a dragon in the desert
lemons falling from the sky

 who would have thunk these things could be?
dragons and lemons surrounding me
in such unexpected places!

 perhaps fairy tales aren't fantasy
lemons don't come from trees

 what if what we were taught is.....
really isn't?

what if what we were taught was not...
really has come to be?