Monday, May 30, 2011

Mothers & Daughters

Bonds between Mothers & Daughters

There will be battles
Scars and bruises
Stubborn stretches of time without speaking
But when the smoke clears
And fences are mended
Hurt feelings tended
There is no stronger union


Distance does not matter
Time has no hold
Once a Mother 
Always a Mother
Once a Daughter
Always a Child

Years will pass
And so will we
But the timeless 
Of Woman
To Woman
To Daughter

Shall not die


Monday, May 23, 2011

Saucy Saguaro

Tis the season 
For the Queen of the Desert
To blossom

For some reason I love the contrast between
Lethal needle sharp spines
And the gentleness of harmless blooms

Like Arizona itself
A sharp contrast
Between desert
And snow capped mountains
And one of the reasons
I am attached to her
Like a child  to her Mother

The ruby red fruit that follows
Is entirely edible
And a gourmet treat to those who know the secret of its flavors

For centuries.
The Arizona O'odham tribe
Has picked 
And turned
Saguaro fruit
Into delectable delights

The wisdom of the Native Peoples of Arizona
(of all Native Peoples)
Amaze and astound me

Rock On O' Queen Saguaro and those who reap the bounty of Her Fruit!!
I bow down and salute you!


Friday, May 20, 2011

Just Thinkin'

I am no Aristotle
Have no framed diploma on my wall
And yet
I do think deeply
Of things that touch us all

The joys
And the sorrows

The triumphs
And the loss
 Some days I am the servant
Some days I am the boss
Of my own imagination
Of my own scattered fragmented thoughts

I wonder if...
The world would end if I'd just play all day
Ate until my tummy ached
And in the sun would lay

Perhaps the world would stall a bit
Slow down a tad and watch
A I grew fat and happy
And say out loud
"Well Gosh"!

I want to do that also
Appreciate my days
Not trudge through life grudgingly
But spread joy along the way

I'd teach them how to lounge upon lily pads
Afloat upon cool ponds
Give lessons on sun bathing
And cat napping
Then how to find their voices
And sing into the night
Til dawn

Ah yes I am a humble critter
Not much to look at
Or one to brag

But I my thoughts are quite exquisite
Some days they are all I have

To bring me through the dark times
When the sunshine seems all spent
And life seems more about where I'm not going
Than where I've already went

So back into my thoughts I slip
Gathering positive momentum
For mind creates the matter
And it matters
That we have some

Mind-Full-Ness that is

Just thinkin..........


Well as I am seldom one to stay quiet, to with hold my mind
I wish I could find some sort of control on not speaking out on this whole RAPTURE thing
It is best I believe to beg silence on topics such as money, politics and certainly the topic of religion
Alas on the eve of this very RAPTURE I feel the need to express my thoughts to a certain point
What a gimmick this has become
I am disgusted by it's politics
It's inbred fear and spreading ignorance
Shame on you
Where are your heads man?!
Or better yet your hearts
Your souls
Your support for mankind, the human race as a whole?
These are not found in books
Nor are they forgiven in the last moments of sinners
There are NO gods that will lift you from the depths of hell
And pronounce you "Saints" or "sheep"
Inside...that is where you look
That is where your fogiven freedom will be found
And tomorrow when you wake...
Expect to find that your nieghbors will still be the same people that were there before...
Clearer eyes will see clearer souls
Look all around you 
Not just up with a selfish view
I would hate to see you all clammering your way up
Climbing over one another...trying to find your way to some heaven
As the chosen ones
It's here...or hadn't you heard?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fanta-See Racin

Productive but LONG Day

I'm brain dead tonite
No clever thoughts
No words of wisdom

Just looking through silly pics that have caught my eye
This one makes me smile :-)

The Harley is a carbon copy of Maggie
(that would be my bike in case you've missed that info in the past)

And who doesn't like fire engines????!

Just kinda seemed to fit 
So I put it on
And now I'm sharin'
(BIG yawn....)

Night night
I think I'll try racin' that ole fire truck in my dreams
Just cuz you can do stuff like that

In your dreams....

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Note to Self

Just so I don't forget my name today

And I don't forget my weapon of choice if anyone gets in my way today


Sunday, May 15, 2011


I am still trying to understand this
An out house
No door
Sitting at the base of Diamond Point
Next to the Colorado River
At the bottom of the Grandest Canyon EVER!

By the way...
There is no viewing window either

Certainly worth a photo though...

Wander Lust

I Want To Be Out THERE!

I know I'm overdosing on the doggie bloggie the last few days but....

If the collar fits.....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sun Dogs

One spot of sunshine peeks between the blinds
And WHO catches the rays?

Princess Moo that's who!

Mr. Willy is just playin' Cool
He ain't no Fool!

Livin' A Dog's Life ain't so bad

Thursday, May 12, 2011


There are those who sometimes rant and rave about the work that they do
Unhappy with clients or some ridiculous political issue within the working dynamics of a particular company
Long days and not enough pay
Maybe after 15 or 20 years of doing the same thing I would feel the same
But right now, I look ahead at this view
Feeling awed and humbled by it's beauty, it's greatness and it's resistance to time
Today it is my job to share this with those who are curious enough to come here
To my Arizona
I get payed to share this, to stand here and look out across this canyon
To hear the awe of those who have come to see it
It is a wondrous place worth a view
Worth standing quietly on it's edge
A reminder of the part we all play here
On this earth
A flash in the pan in comparison
A rant? none
Only that I am appreciative of being here
With these people
That they PAY me to do this
To introduce that which I love
To connect to the things I am proud of

No complaints here...


This is Bailey AKA Moo

She's been with us many-a-year
Welsh Corgie
Queen of all she surveys

I shall be in charge of feeding her for a few days
While her momma is traveling
("momma" meaning my oldest daughter)
Moo & I have been through many a move together 
Jenn's retail management career has kept her movin' - movin' - movin' through the years

From 2 apartments in Phoenix
To Prescott Valley (from apartment to house there)
Back to Phoenix
To Vegas
To Austin TX
To Prescott (apartment to house there too)
To Tucson
Did I forget anything???

When Mooo is displeased
Her look could kill a Sumo Wrestler at 100 yards
When she's happy she actually has a smile...I SWEAR!

She thinks people (especially little children) are all cattle
Or sheep
Or some such critter
Goes into herding mode
Gotta keep everyone together ya know!?

Ah yes....
Me and Moo and Willy shall spend a little quality doggie time together

Whom ever said ....
"going to the dogs" 
And meant it as a bad thing
Wasn't a dog person
And should be severely punished

(bad Sumo Wrestler look going to this person now.....)

Will & I are on my way Moo
We're bringing treats!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Willie & Minnie

My Maternal Grandparents

My Grandaughter requested info about her Great-Grandparents
A Monday night rummage through picture books brought back a flood of long-forgotten memories and photos

The picture of me as a toddler posted last week was in the yard of this couple
A "few" years later
5 kids later
Twin BOYS when Grandma was in her...
Was it her 40's Uncle Bob???
Grandpa was from Germany
Fought in the German Army in WWI
Came to America right after
A relative of his Mother 
Who was a farmer in Nebraska
Paid his boat passage
Grandpa worked off the debt
And he worked
And he worked
And he worked
Started from scratch
And left a legacy of multiple farms
And thousands of acres of Nebraska farm land

But still lived the life of a simple man
Went to church on Sunday
Played cards with the "guys" downtown during the week

Grandma kept the home fires burning
Kids to raise
Meals to cook
Never ending laundry


Such were the things their lives were made of
They did not seek fame or fortune
Or a 5,000 sq. ft. mansion
No BMW's in their driveway
A new Ford (or was it a Chevy) every now and then would do

Lawrence Welk entertained them
(Grandma also loved the Beverly Hillbillies!)
Meat and potatoes sustained them
All they desired was Freedom
Of occupation
Of religion
Of speech
Of mind
A solid foundation for the generations to come
A priceless gift for their Children
For Me
And my Children
And my Grandchildren

What a blessing!
Thanks Grandpa & Grandma

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Not everyone has a fabulous Mother...

Those who do are lucky
To have that wonderful female guiding them each day
Setting scruples and standards for living
Teaching the rules of cooking
And how to be thrifty
Maybe encouraging Independence and adventure
While teaching the ways of tradition and mindfulness
If I give credit to any Mother
She would belong to my Father

My Grandfather often said he married her for her legs and her pie
But he loved her
She loved him
She loved her children 
And she loved us
Or most anyone who came into her home and treated her with kindness

As the first grandchild and granddaughter
She pulled me up under her wing
I always thought she was old and feared the day she would leave me
No more long talks
No more walks
No more running to the back door to see which bird was singing for her today
Green beans and pinwheel cookies
Moon wagon rides and cherry picking
Flower gardens and the smell of bacon in the morning
The cleaning, the bed making and homemade pies in time for dinner

All would subside
And has
Except for the things I carry on
All the things that she taught me
All the words of wisdom still lingering inside
Her dishwater hand against my cheek as she brushed the hair from my eyes
My teacher
I miss you...


Browsing the web for "biker" pics this morning
Part of the mindless Mother's Day I've designed for myself

Came across this photo and had to take it!

It's titled Grandma Bikers
Even if they've never ridden a "bike"
They have the attitude to "get 'er done"

And on this day dedicated to Mom's
I believe this picture says it all

All Mom's have a "make my day" attitude
Whether it's defending her child
Or punishing her child

Mom's rule with an iron fist
A gentle touch

Just depends on what's needed at the time

Rock On Grandma Bikers!
God Love Ya! 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

and you think YOU'VE had a bad day!

1st of all...NO this is not our truck
Even though it's pretty much identical

Had British Columbia plates

  Not sure how this happens
In broad daylight
On dry roads

REALLY not sure why it didn't roll into the canyon below

A note on the window said there were no occupants in the vehicle
The time it had been left there
And I guess it's gone now
(pic taken last Wed.)

Lucky folks for sure

There's never a lack of "surprises" driving down The Mountain
Not the type of road ya' want to be texting on!  ;-)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Black & White World

Love this pic!

My daughter posted it on Facebook in honor of Mother's Day
I'm the toddler
My very young Mom & Dad
Dressed in their best
Not sure what the occasion was
Have to ask Mom before the memory is gone forever

I remember the car well
My brother Tim wasn't born yet 
Neither was Todd
Or Joe

Young family
with their whole lives ahead of them

The location is my Grandparents farm
My Mom's parents
Willie and Minnie

Grandpa had fought for Germany in WWI
And even after all those years
Spoke with a strong German accent
He always carried (and shared) a roll of Lifesavers candy

Grandma's family had lived in the area for generations
 I will never forget her wide smile
And the pink frosting she would put on grocery store bought longjohns
(not the clothing type longjohns.....the bakery donut-like type ;-)

I so wish I had known them better
Asked more questions
Hugged them more
Told them how priceless they were
How much I loved them

Life was so black 
And white


In the eyes of a 2-year old that is

The farm was sold long ago
Grandma passed in the late 70's
Grandpa went shortly after

Dad went to the great fishing hole in the sky in 1992
He was only 59

The old Plymouth is probably in the shelter belt***
 North of the farm 
Where Dad left it after it was beyond repair
No trade-ins in those days 

***(for you non-mid-west-farm folks, that's a grove of trees used as a wind break to keep the topsoil from blowing away.  An invention of the dirty dust-bowl 1930's)

But Mom...
Alive & very well
Just down the road
In an "Adult Community"
Full of Piss & Vinegar
Always there when I need her

Here's to Mom's everywhere

(And any Female who ever loved a child over and beyond all understanding
For one does not need to share blood with a child to feel the passion of Motherhood)

Who survived the challenges of Motherhood
The loss of their own Mothers
And yes, some have even survived the loss of their own children
I can't imagine their strength

Just incredibly grateful
I walk among them

Let no Man stand in the path of a Mother protecting her child
She carries a strength unequaled by any force on Earth

If you doubt any part of that statement
I invite you to meet my Mom!  ;-)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No Place Like....


No, this isn't my home but it's someones "once in a while" get-a-way home down the road from my home

An eclectic hodge podge of 
This 'N That
Tic'ed 'N Tack'd Together

Years of 
Adding To
Taking From

Making do with what's at hand
No Home Depot or Lowe's around the corner
Only left overs from past projects
Or what neighbors pass on
Or what the landscape offers for savvy scavengers

Granite counter tops 
Probably not

Crystal chandeliers
Probably not

Media room
Probably not
.....well Maybe??!!!

Ya just never know what you'll find

Behind the simplest exteriors
Lie the most extraordinary surprises

As a "Home" should be
As "Life" should be

One and the same
Just carrying different names

As Dorothy said with a new perspective
While clicking the heels of her Ruby Red Slippers
"There's No Place Like Home"

Where ever
What ever
That may be

Whether it's a mansion in Beverly Hills
Patch-work pieced forest cabin

Home truly isn't what you see
It's what you feel when you're there

What you fill it with
Is up to You...

Sunday, May 1, 2011


In the haste and need to find warmth
I escaped to Phoenix
Not my favorite place...or even close
But there are a few advantages to being there
My sister and her children live in that god forsaken place
As well as my daughter and father 
So I get the joy of enjoying their company
And this time of year...the perfect warmth and sunshine
After the relentless teasing
With sunshine and rising temperatures
That Prescott and area has brought us
Then the cold and freezing winds that have already killed my potted plants
I had to escape!

We hiked to the top of Pinnacle Peak
A feat when you are only nine
                                  Nephew, Alta (who happens to love that we were higher in Alta-tude)
My daughter, Michael
And myself
We ate lunch at the top under the shade of a small desert shrub
Me warming myself like some northern Arizona lizard
In the sun, against the rocks, soakin the rays
The two of them seeking shade and discussing how warm it was
I think my nephew was even sweating...

PS: Alta took this picture with his own camera
You can't see his mouth but, it doesn't matter 'cause...his eyes are smiling

Short & Sweeeet

Ah Yes ... Sunday