Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dog Tales

My name is Willy
My Mom said I had to sit still for a picture
Not much for pictures

Was minding my own business 
On MY blanket
On MY deck
Watchin' for squirrels
And such

She comes out here with that dad blasted camera
And sticks it in my face

Figured I'd just better sit up 
Strike a pose
And git it over with

Better than yesterday

Had to go to the goofy groomer
And all I got was this stupid bandana


Gotta go
Nap time....

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pretty Prickly Pear

A burst of color
In our front yard
Celebrating Arizona Summer
One brilliant yellow bloom at a time


Friday, June 17, 2011

Paths Untraveled

I should be working
Internet Assessor the job title is
Convenient work from home gig
It's been a year since it saved my financial Ass
Hate it
Makes me think
And research
And put my "logical" hat on
Wrings my brain inside-out
To top it off
Every "task" has to be completed SUPER Quick
and SUPER correctly
Too many rules
I hate rules
BUT my gratitude cup runneth over
For the paycheck

Enough of that

On the Eve of my Birthday
I wish not to work

(but I will after this blog ... 2 more hours to go)

Especially after spending a week on the road
On 2 Harley wheels
With my Best Friend
Loyal low maintenance companion
The best half of all of me
And the middle of my 3 younger brothers
Along with my SISTER (this is where in-law is supposed to go but it doesn't apply here)

  Doing what I do best
Drinking in the magical potion of
Rushing, overflowing snow-melt filled rivers
Snow capped mountain ranges
Over grown and gently flowing grasslands
Forested canyons
Fresh air with a fragrance so sweet it makes you shiver

Every precious element of Nature In The Raw

On the Eve of my Birthday
I sit inside
Looking outside
At all I want to experience
Before the door closes
Before my Bucket List is put in a drawer

 Last week I rode with my brother
One bucket list item that went from "want to" to "DID IT"

Now on to the next
And the next
And the next

I love Birthdays

 I shall have my Birthday Cake 
And eat it too!
365 days a year
For everyday is a 
Birth Day!

(P.S.  Happy Birth Day to Grand Son Ryan Today!  6 is a marvelous age! )

Sunday, June 5, 2011


This is a piece of my art that I just finished a couple of days ago, less some hardware that is still in storage...
There is a reason that I can show it and it doesn't just involve a camera...
I cannot be creative or concentrate on my creativity's when my life is full of chaos and stew
It always amazes me what can happen when we just "let" things be...
Instead of trying to "make" things happen...
It occurs to me that while it is good to have goals and want joys...
There is a path being laid waiting for our own foot prints
It is about the timing, not about a forced entry...
About viewing what is around you and "letting" some things in while allowing other things to leave as they should...
Both are sometimes hard, maybe even more often than not...
The key really is to pay attention to the things around you
And to except the changes, life changes whether we want it to or not
Better if it is not against our will, sometimes rubbing on our souls like sandpaper
Instead, we look ahead, maybe not inviting every time but, preparing for it's inevitable arrival
Being still is essential, it allows us to view the greatness that is coming
Allows us to Separate it from the things we don't need
Even through smokey glass and chaos and stew...

from my point of view

5 A.M.
From my desk
In my little corner of the world

A 2-week adventure begins today
Miles will be traveled
Packed saddlebags
And everything in-between

I do believe I once was a gypsy
With a Harley of course

P.S.  Prayers to Don & Cindy
May your recoveries be as swift as the winds that guide our ride.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Time in a bottle

I've fallen behind in my blog
Time is the culprit
Or lack of it I should say

Or is it?

Who'd think way up here in Old Mining Town Mountain Land
One would have the same lack-of-time issues
One had in the busy city?

You only leave behind the things 
You don't pack and take along
I guess

Life demands different snippets of time
In different portions

But in the mean time...
Time still slips away
Never to be 

Can't download it
Can't freeze it
Can't Can it
Stuff it in a bottle
And put it on a shelf for later

When it's done
It's done

But we can take
Time Outs

And I'm callin' one

Let's Ride