Saturday, March 5, 2011


Today on my run with Ellie,
without my realizing it at first, 
she began chasing a small white butterfly fluttering along the trail.
Pulling me along, breaking my calm easy stride into realization.
She was chasing a BUTTERFLY!
Suddenly I was seeing it all, little black spiders every where. Running as if they had been looking and waiting for the opportunity to stretch their new, young little legs...all of them.
At the lake Ellie noticed water skippers, I suppose there is some technical name for them, but I am quite sure you know what I mean. They were swimming and skipping weaving their way through the larvae that was still waiting and warming in the sun for the moment they too would break free.
There were even minnows and one very small trout that darted out from Ellie's rambunctious interest.
I think we have made it, a break through in the dullness of winter.
My energy is surging, I see it in others at stop signs, windows down radio up, kids of every age.
Flip-flops on feet and layers of clothing removed from our torsos.  The days are getting longer and the time for being still is coming to a halt, time to smell the flowers is beginning, our own souls blooming.
I stretch...
I open my eyes...
And breathe...


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