Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Time In A Bottle

The picture isn't so great but I'm hoping you can make out the print

Way back when
My Mom lived next door to what had been the former dump
(now called the fancy term "land fill")
In the small town where she had grown up
Same town where her Mom had grown up
Same town where her Grandmother had grown up

Same town where I grew up

So..that's about 4 generations or so
I tell folks that the town I'm from has a population of about 1000
And I'm related to about 900 of 'em
A bit of an exageration
But not by much

That's just how it is in the Midwest  ;-)
Any Hoo
The bottle in the picture is one of dozens Mom dug out of the dirt
That had lain in the Old Battle Creek Nebraska dump
For eons

The embossed glass says:

"Morris & Co"
"The Druggists"
"Battle Creek, Neb."

Not a chip or crack on it
Thought some of you home-town-folks would enjoy this bit-o-Battle Creek history that has found it's way to Arizona
By the way....
This "dump" had been plowed over and was part of a cornfield a few generations before Mom became a dump digger.  Just so you know.....
Didn't want anyone to think that my white haired little old lady Mom was out scouring the trash heaps throughout the land!

Then again.....
For those of you who know her
It may not be such a stretch if she knew she'd find a new "treasure"

P.S.  Mom called while I was writing this.  Had to take a pause to visit with her for a while.  DANG!  How does she do that???  She knew I was talkin' about her!  Still can't get away with a blessed thing!  ;-(

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