Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hereeee's Johnnie!!!

O who grew up on a farm with one of these?

Me!  Me!!
Well, we did have a fancy dancy indoor bathroom but every "real" farm has an ancient rickety outhouse somewhere on the property
Ours was by the chicken house
Go figure??

It wasn't our first choice in facilities
butt... (oops no pun intended)
When us kids got busy playing in the great farm outdoors
And waited too long
Well, ya know
The smelly outhouse was better then the consequences of not "making it in time"

This particular model is another remnant of Crown King's past
Tucked discretely behind a home that is still occupied occasionally on warm summer weekends
Facing South
Perhaps so the cold North winter winds won't seep through the gaps between the door and wall

Still looks reasonably sturdy
Although I wasn't brave enough to look inside
I was trespassing the way it was
Didn't want to press my luck

Whether you've used 'em
Abused 'em (who's tipped an outhouse???  ;-)
Simply just observed 'em
You have to admit that it's a bit of unappreciated Americana that I dare say everyone from Abraham Lincoln to Jesse James once frequented

 I suppose we've outgrown 'em
Risen above the crudeness
Thanks goodness!

But I still do admire the structure
That hid the famous
And the infamous
And knows better than anyone
That we all TRULY are
the same.
Especially when we're caught with our pants down!  ;-)

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  1. Great story..,yes-sir-ree..."the ol' outhouse...truly...Americana'...just thinkin';-)