Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Just hung up the phone after talking to a friend. 
(not this friend, a different friend)
Yes, I know...I do actually have friends.
She had invited me about a week ago to do a hike with her and a friend of hers', in the Sedona area.
I said I would love to go and was excited about having someone to share this adventure stuff with.
However I, alas came down with the crud...that same stuff everyone seems to be sharing.
(I did not get it from my blog partner)
I was totally bummed!
Feeling better, I called to see how it went.
They had hiked an area I was very familiar with and it was fun to talk about where they had been.
She said they had missed me... 
She then began to tell me how she was going to plan to do the Grand Canyon from rim to rim via a friend of a friend who would guide it and there might be a couple of spots open.
Freakin awesome!
I am in! 
Well, maybe.
I had decided that I would accomplish two things this year...hike the canyon in any way shape or form to the bottom and do a raft trip.
So, the reason for this photo is that when ever I think of the Grand Canyon now, I think of this picture.
It is such a mysterious place, different every time you see it. 
Standing on this trail, looking out makes me feel like I am in a whole different country. 
I like seeing my friend Mike standing there, looking like a well traveled being.
I like the way life networks us through when we are paying attention.
I really like having friends...

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