Thursday, March 17, 2011

Livin' A Dog's Life

All who know me
Know this fella too
Mr. Willy

He's 11 human years old
We won't do the math for Doggie Years
We both believe you're only as old as ya feel
And we ain't feelin' so old yet

Every morning
and every late afternoon
We go walkin'
Usually down by the creek

Cuz I like the sound and the movement of the water

Willy likes to walk in it
Up to his belly if he can
And drink it

Sometimes I take my camera
Just in case I see an unsuspecting blog subject 
Like a whale rock
Or broad based pine
Or snow-melt-fed mountain stream
Yeah ya know, stuff like that  ;-)

Some walks he follows me
Some walks I follow him
Every walk is a tiny snippet of unbridled freedom
Willy leashless
Becky leashless
Climbin' rocks
Walkin in water
Kickin' cans
Chasin' squirrels
Yeah ya know, stuff like that

As life should be  ;-)

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