Thursday, March 3, 2011


A Happy Crystal Pier Plant

Today is a day I must Rest
My physical and spiritual Self is saying


Weariness has crept up on me
A cold has been trying to tackle me for a month now
My left eye is a pool of bloody hemorrhage
(sounds brutal, looks disgusting..don't know how it happened but more importantly it doesn't hurt)

I surrender

My "paying work" is abundant
and I am thankful

But a few days must be saved
to save me

Balance in all things sometimes means walking away
for a day
or two
and I do! 

In a perfect world I would sit on the beach and listen to the waves today
But alas, perfection is just beyond my grasp ;-)
So I shall share a photo of a very happy plant 
growing in a very happy pot
in a very happy spot
on Crystal Pier, San Diego

Tackle chores that require no brain power
Sit a bit
Write a bit
Perhaps take a nap
Take an early afternoon quad ride
Or not

The work will still be there when I return
Thank goodness!

If I don't take this day
It feels like it will take me

And there ain't no day that's the boss of me!!  ;-)

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