Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thar She Blows

It's common to see rocks
where one would think no rock should ever be 
way up here in never-never land

Millenniums have come
and gone

Forests have grown
And burned to ash
The rocks remained
Native Americans thrived
And died
Were driven out
The rocks remained

Miners came like locusts
Dug deep into the earth
Took their fill
To fill their tills
And vanished as quickly as they had come
The rocks remained
Scattered helter skelter 
Some look happy
Some forlorn

Across the road 
About 2 minutes from my front door
Is this Rock
That I swear is the white whale Moby Dick!

He's rising out of the ground
Mouth slightly open
Ready to breath in life sustaining air
Time stopped

Captured forever in stone

Or perhaps it's the whale that swallowed Jonah?

Ah, but that thought is for another day
Another blog

For today
It will remain Moby Dick
 But then again...
What do YOU see???

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