Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sometimes you have to wade through the muck to find out who your friends are...
Sometimes it takes years of building friendships...
Sometimes a friend is all you've got to build on...
Sometimes they are the ones pulling you out of the muck...

I am a very lucky woman to have such a friend.
As the years go by, and they surely do, we continue to build and weave our web of life strings.
One through the other, strengthening it where it needs to be stronger
Causing such greatness that we can no longer see where it began, only that it has always been

Life can bring people together as though they have always traveled side by side
Months can go by without a single word, years can eat up time without seeing their face
The security is in that silent stride, in time with yours'
The knowing that in a single moment, they will bring comfort, strength, love, and joy

The comfort of being any place in life, of saying any shocking thing or maybe nothing at all
To sit quietly with each other, an unspoken meeting of the minds
No judgement, no ego, no selfish need to prove oneself
A purity of understanding, a knowing that we have both lived in this world and grasped it with courage

My friend, my confidant, my creative inspiration...often my leap of faith
The years never seem to matter nor the thread to be broken
The joys and sorrows are but, the strongest parts of the web
We are always as we have left ourselves...old friends...

Thank you Becky...