Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Guess where I live?
Yep! Arizona...
Damn you just gotta love this place.
I know, I know...
You would never guess I like it here...
This is a favorite photo that I have been saving for cards.
I love it!
Prickly pear or paddle cactus is abundant here in our Arizona mountains.
Looks beautiful in the spring.
So colorful and happy to be takin care of all the critters that have been waitin all winter for it's fine bounty.
Baring that beautiful red pear-shaped fruit.
Deliciously sweet when ripe.
Worth the challenge.
Have you ever had prickly pear jam?
Boy howdy...you better git you some.



  1. I know Prick-Lee! He was my first boyfriend!! ;-) His favorite band was Pear Jam. Last I heard he ran off with a rather homely sow name Java Lena.