Friday, April 29, 2011

Double Exposure

Took to the Higher Country for a few hours today

Put script writing and audio recording
On Hold

Shut off the computer
Took off my Internet Assessor hat

A hike
Bird's eye viewing of this place we call home

Yes, the work was still there when I got home

After a late lunch
And a nap
Back to work

Took til 8 P.M. to finish
That which I ignored today
To Play

That's OK

It got done anyway!


Thursday, April 28, 2011


Grill Master Dave 
Working his magic with Bad Boy Brats

 Summertime Soul Food


What a great way to ease into an almost Summer Evening

Only thing missing is homemade ice cream
Or S'mores

Next time......

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


FINALLY the Cacti have moved 
From the inner sanctuary of a heated dwelling
To the REAL heat of the AZ Sunshine
And the fresh outdoor air  

As was intended

I do believe I detect a smile
On this prickly untouchable pot-o-cacti

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wild Ass :-)

There's a tiny town in AZ named Oatman...
Like many scattered sparsely populated AZ towns 
It once was a thriving mining community. 
2 miners struck a $10,000,000 gold find here in 1915
 At one time over 3500 souls called Oatman home
By 1924 the major mining company shut down
By 1941 the government ordered the remaining mining operation shut down

Its location near Route 66 kept the town alive thanks to tourism
But in 1953 a new highway totally bypassed the little town
Tourism vanished as quickly as the gold had
By the 1960's the town was for all intent and purpose

Then out of the desert 
The gambling oasis of Laughlin, Nevada was born
A short hop, skip and jump from you guessed it....

And again the tourists came
And came
And came
But one resident never left the dusty mining town
The burros

The lifeblood of the miner
Stubborn but sure-footed
Ultimate beast of burden
Pack in
Pack out

When the miners left
The burros stayed

Remain there still

They roam the town like Sunday Shoppers
Begging food off tourists
Free ranging
Stealing munchies out of purses 
No shame when a tasty morsel tempts their nostrils
Local merchants sell carrots just for folks to feed 'em

So if you ever pass near Laughlin, Nevada
Or Bullhead City, AZ
Or Needles, CA
Ask directions to Oatman

I promise you'll be entertained by the local wildlife.  ;-)



Ok...So these are not my photos
Found them on photo bucket
But, really the point is this...I saw these beautiful creatures today

The Collard Lizard ?
Warming it's self on a rock
Near the trail where Ellie and I run
Brilliant and beautiful, textural
Wild and free
I have never seen one before
Here in Arizona...but, why not
The outdoors is soooooo diverse here
I will add this flamboyant Collard Lizard to my very visual mental list

King Snake...check
Collard Peccary's (javelina)...check
Mountain Lions...check
Bob Cat...check
Mountain Goat...check

The Butterfly?
Well not my photo either but, she was there
Hanging a bit laxidazically at the end of a lavender spring flower
New to the world it seemed
Stretching her wings, soaking up the sun

Hmmmm...sounds familiar

Doesn't it...humans

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Known Heroes

Bikers come in all ages

Some have exceptionally big hearts
Like the little known hero above

Every summer a Phoenix Chapter of the Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club (an organization for Firefighters) have a benefit motorcycle run.  Monies go to Camp Courage Burn Camp in Prescott, AZ.  The camp is for kids who have suffered through serious burn injuries.  It's a week of fun, entertainment and the companionship of others who have been through the same life changing experience of being a burn victim.  

The Wind & Fire members ride from Phoenix to Prescott where they are joined by other bikers and then make a grand entrance, usually over 100 strong, (which I was a part of last year...totally major cool!) into Camp Courage where they are greeted by cheers of excitement by the kids attending the camp.  

A feast of burgers and dogs is served by the Prescott Wind & Fire Whiskey Row Chapter (which by the way I'm an associate member :-) where kids and bikers sit side by side, each in awe of the other.

The presentation of donations is made afterward.  Generous sponsors fork up hefty amounts of the much needed cash that keeps the Camp going year after year.  Without these funds the camp would fold. 

The big, bad biker with the Viking Horns above let the kids paint his beard red, white & blue and willingly let me document it in a photo.  He wore it proudly!

Did I mention the big, bad Viking Horn adorned biker (who wears his horns as he rides by the way...) writes a donation check to Camp Courage every year?  Last year I think it was around $10,000. 

Little Known Heroes walk amongst us each and every day. 
Never assume you've never met one.
I guarantee you have....

I certainly have
He let me take his picture

And the most precious little Known Heroes of all..
The kids who watched wide-eyed at all these people
Who cared
Who Shared
Who didn't know them
Yet made it possible for them to just be a kid at camp
Forget about a disfiguring scar
A lifetime handicap
The pain of skin grafts

I'll see them all again June 13th
At the Next Wind & Fire Burn Camp Run

What an honor to be amongst so MANY heroes!


These cute little folks are cousins...
My niece and nephews
There are others
But, this is what I was able to capture at this moment
I have cousins and remember very few times of really gathering as children
But, I always knew what it should be like
And perhaps without so much distance we may have been
Lives can get so messing
So much distance can get in the way
But, there is something to be said about knowing someone your whole life
I mean...really knowing them
Sharing things and laughing because only you know the story
These beautiful children
Enjoyed a cool creek in the beauty of Sedona
A very hot day in June

On this particular day
They started with clothes on
With mothers' being concerned about their dress
About the water
About drying off and getting back into the car
I walked out to a rock in the middle of the stream
I watched it all unfold
Sandals and
OK...but, only up to your knees
Oops! Someone fell in
A frenzy gave way
This photo is the outcome of that
Of cousins
Of the power that comes from knowing each other as babes
A bond that even mothers' can't break
And oh...the secrets that will arise
This photo is mine for them
When they are all grown up
Maybe over dinner and wine and...a boyfriend or a girlfriend
Or maybe as a short journey
Back in time...a shared reminiscent smile
I can hardly wait!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Just Hangin' Out

These are the rags
That washed the Harleys

That waxed on
That waxed off

That polished the chrome
That shined the windshields

And now are resting in the sun

Job well done
Job well done

Thursday, April 21, 2011

To Infinity and Beyond

It seems so simple
To just "be"
When surrounded by sky
And mountains
And sparse desert landscape

Far above the Rat Race
Dog eat dog
"I want what they have" mentality

Moments of treasured quiet
Before descending into the flatlands
To join the frenzy

I can play the game
Knowing I can return
To peace

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Prayers Answered

Lest we forget
Even Angels pray for Spring

The Power of Prayer

(taken a few snowfalls ago ...  the Angels are singing praises of Spring now...See how well it works!!!! ;-) 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A day in my life...

Many lives I lead 
But, gathered all in one
I do not believe in any religion, god or deity
No mythical perception
The wrongs and failings that I have committed are my own
No one to blame
The same as the "blessings" are mine alone
The things that "I" have chosen
The path that I walk belongs to me
I have learned and taken that which suits "me"
Who I am
On any given day
My spirituallity is my own
I will share it with you
As I would respect yours'
I am amazed at the people in my life
The luck of knowing so many
And sharing their lives
Where you come from...matters not
To me
Here in this photo...
A lifetime of friendship
From here until always 
They allow me the spice
In this very sweet thing we call life

To all of you...I LOVE YOU

Goin' Dutch

When was the last time you had cinnamon rolls baked in a dutch oven?

The union of seasoned cast iron
Dough kissed with just a hint of cinnamon
Is a treat beyond description

Slow and easy
Aroma pleasin'

Dunkin' Donuts don't stand a chance
When Dave puts on his Dutch Oven Master's Hat

Topped off with cream cheese frosting......

Doesn't take much to make us happy!

Monday, April 18, 2011


Hang Hammock


Gas up the Quads


Remove Jeep soft top & replace with bikini top

Let the summer begin.....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Imperfection Perfection

Rusty & Worn
Tattered & Torn

Cast aside
To wither & die

These are the things that catch my eye
I know not why...

Perhaps it's compassion for castaways
 For things that have seen better days
 They says ones trash is anothers treasure
Depends what value you use to measure

Friday, April 15, 2011

If it looks like a duck...

Nothing represents the message of "still" like water

First quad ride of the Spring today
Up into the inner sanctuaries of 


Not large enough to be christened "lake"
Not small enough to be labeled "pond"
Perhaps a Lakond?
Calmness lies upon Her surface
like stretched silk

A lone mallard paddled out from among the cattails
Broke the perfect stillness 
Leaving a trail of parted waters
That spread across the Lakond
In perfectly synchronized ripples

Duck and water
Sharing space
Without intrusion of one upon the other

Perfect relationship
Unison extraordinaire

Of course he wouldn't let me capture it on my camera
Kept his distance

 That's OK
Some things you just can't capture

I do believe that's a good thing
A very good thing....

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pure Desert

Ok this is a bit freaky

I was going to post the saguaro cactus pic earlier today
Got busy with work and all...
 Took the pic Tuesday while cruisin' thru the desert
Haulin' a quad home

Get on this here blog to post my saguaro
DANG Miss Amy
You're doin' an AZ Cactus Dance today too!!

Not Me
We're kinda like that sometimes

No great thoughts go un-thunk between us :-)




Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is a photo I took of my girlfriend Tera this past fall...

A camping trip on the beach at Dohaney

Three very powerfully spirited women
Miss Tera, Miss Becky (my blog mate) and myself

Devouring the mightiness of sand and sea

She was in town today and it was good to see her
Our time spend well 
Talking of life and all it's happenings
Funny we no longer try to solve the problems of the world
Or even our own...maybe we no longer really have any
We talked about the earth and all it's earthiness
About the cultures, the beauty in them
About Arizona and the southwest
How we are decidedly in love with it
And the ocean...I guess we would both change that one thing 
Move the ocean to the southwest

Mexican food and an ice cold Modello at Casa Sanchez
A favorite restaurant, ended our day
She will be back, so we made plans

I will always picture her here
At the waters edge, just this way

HOLY Snake Batman!!

Guess it's warmin' up in Arizona!

The reptiles are sunnin'
Coming back "up the mountain" this afternoon
After picking up a couple of quads some friends are loaning us over the summer
This fine 3' - 4' specimen was stretched out
Takin' up 2/3 of the road

I had to stop and capture this Kodak moment
Was hopin' he (or DO you tell?) was a Diamondback Rattler

But .....
No rattle
Just a boring 'ole snakey

Not a fan
But I do admire their resilience
And if I'm not in harms way
(Or high above them in a BIG truck like today)
I like to Observe

A sure sign Summer's comin to Arizona :-)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Makes me think...
Of a place called home
Of Arizona
Of spring and summer
Of sunshine streaming through windows
Of how warm those rays feel against my feet 
Of the sounds of quiet
Of alleys and coffee cups
Of friends
Of the smell of damp soil
Of all the small things
Of breathing...


Alas, I have no sisters

In the "we share blood" sense

In the "share heart" sense
I have a precious few

One of course is my blog-mate Amy
I cannot remember a time without her 
Nor do I want to

The two ladies in the picture above are also "shared heart" sisters
As opposite as night and day
The two of them have been best friends since high school
Both are now grandmothers
One... a great-granny

They entered my life probably 7, 8, 9...years ago
Have lost track...
As with Amy
I cannot remember a time without them
Nor do I want to
We have shared many memorable "girl times"

This weekend marked a "dream-come-true" for one of these sisters
A Live Beyond Fulfillment experience for sure
A leap of faith accomplished

 And so it is...  ;-)


Thursday, April 7, 2011


My last few posts have been from my recent work week travels.
This will be last from this trip (I think), but I really wanted to share it...
On our way down Diamond Creek we encountered four wild burros.
The first photo reveals all of them...the dark one having created quite a ruckus on his way down to the rest of the group.
He apparently had been fighting for a female (those were the days, eh?), his nose was ripped and he had been bitten more than once (and twice shy), he seemed to have a lot to say...
The light colored buck skin ( a female) showed signs of having once been caught and haltered
Now an escapee...some things you just can't cage...
She still wears the haltered that is now tight and embedded into her skin, she is old and seems to wear it like a badge of courage...Bravo Girl!!!
Of course last but, certainly not least...
The Momma and baby...
Like they had just walked out of a story book...Brighty?
These two actually approached to my window...I thought about it for a second before giving in to better judgement and rolling the window up as Momma stuck her nose in....I hated to do it!
The final photo is the baby...four or five months old...and healthy as well you can see
This fine baby burro showed off a little for us by running around his Momma and throwing his back feet up into the air and then coming back around to look in the it was checking to see if I had noticed
I had...


Restless .......

I have been blessed with many travel adventures

The call of the open road has been a gift
And a curse

It seems as though I'm being pulled in a million different directions

The sights yet unseen
By these human eyes
Ceaselessly whisper in my ear
Beckoning me to walk among them

Drink from the cup of their historical waters
Eat at the table of their long lost youth
And rest among their memories

Restlessness is my constant companion

As the struggle to wander
And the responsibilities of Humanness
Battle within me every moment
Of every day

San Juan Capistrano California

The picture is from the Sacred Garden
Built in 1920
Inside the Catholic Mission 
San Juan Capistrano
Founded in 1776

The location is famous for being a stopping point for the Cliff Swallows on their 6,000 mile migration from Argentina to the America Southwest

According to legend
 The swallows began taking refuge at the Mission centuries ago
when an irate innkeeper began destroying their mud nests

Unfortunately, in recent year the birds have not returned
Development of the area has been blamed 
Along with a decrease in the insect population

There are better rest stops on the Cliff Swallows migration freeway

Even Cliff Swallows 
Know when to Hold 'Em
And when to Fold 'Em

Where the best eatin' places are!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Some folks come to this fine place called "Arizona" without much knowledge of the beauty
I am always amazed at their shock when they find out we have mountains with...Trees
Pine and Juniper
That we get snow in them there hills!
I am amazed that they do not envision this great land with...Wildflowers
Columbine and Penstimon in all colors
Surprised that we live in a land where Elk and Deer roam our vast land
I am always pleased to change their view
I smile as I see new pictures enter their minds...
Recognition of something familiar they thought so different from their own
I like the curiosity when the thought becomes embedded
Denial still on the surface but, the images still changing the perspective...

The photo is of a Joshua Tree...
Outside the former BIA office in a very tiny stop called "Valentine"
A group of trees over watered in a drought climate...
Became heavy and has fallen over...
By the end of summer it will have lost all will...
But, in it's struggle blooms fill it's fallen branches...
A momentous occasion, a final stand of it's brilliance..
It's strength, in a land of unbelievable beauty


Monday, April 4, 2011

Resting Rose

A stroll along a rocky jetty in San Diego years ago
Presented this particular Kodak Moment

Not going to get wordy here

The image itself is worth a thousand words

What could it mean?
A rose placed on stone

I've always wondered
What the story behind the rose could be

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snail's Pace

Who'd have thunk there were snails in Arizona?

Well, not here on the mountain
But my former home in Prescott had 'em everywhere
The rains brought them out by the dozens
From beneath the trailing vines that bordered the yard

For critters that have a reputation for being S  L  O  W
They sure had a way of appearing out of no where
After a refreshing summer monsoon rain

And instantly vanishing as temps climbed
And puddles evaporated

Minding their own business
Sneaking out 
To bask in the outside world
For a moment
Their moment

Risking their lives

Easy prey for 
Curious Cats
Mischievous Dogs
And the such...

No speedy getaway
Poisonous sting
Lethal bite

Just pure faith

And the Knowing 

That a Moment for Self
Is worth the risk

Better to risk death
For a taste of glorious freedom
Than be paralyzed forever
In the darkness of captive fear

Who'd have thunk??

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Passin Time...

From wearing the Librarian Hat Thursday
To wearing the Antique Storekeeper Hat Saturday

My neighbor has a little antique store downtown
She wanted a day off
I agreed to be Queen of the Antiques for-a-day

Warm Day
Friendly Tourists
Locals Stoppin' By to Chat

Surrounded by "things of age"

And shoppers who exclaim...
Hey I have one of these!
I had one of these when I was a kid!
My Grandma has this!
Now.. what did I do with that??
I told my husband we should have kept that!

Whole conversations with total strangers
Come easier when antiques are gathered 'round

Yes, it was good being the Queen of the Antiques for-a-day...