Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Tonight I was honored to read poetry for a wonder women's organization. 
The PEO or otherwise known as "The Philanthropist Education Organization"...
(hope I spelled that right, got the name right).
Had a wonderful time and met many wonderful women.
As I pulled up this evening you could hear the friendly and excited chatter of women, or should I say "girls". 
They liked each other, you could tell, all twenty others.
Unfortunately I am not very familiar with their organization, 
but I can see they take it seriously and enjoy the company.
They were full of questions and eager to make sure that we "Mad Women Poets" were comfortable and had a piece of cheese cake. 
Not one of us said "no thank you".
A nice evening, nice women, good cause.
Hmmmm...maybe I should know more...


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