Monday, February 28, 2011

This Is Charlie

Meet Charlie

Charlie's creator is a retired City of Prescott employee
A former neighbor who would walk his dog Sam (short for Samantha) past my home, stop for a chat and be on his way

A soft spoken man
Who feared the unexplored land of retirement
Until he took a leap of faith
and walked away from years of routine, bullshit and doing what he was told

You see underneath Charlies' everyday guy exterior
Is the Soul and talents of an artist
I saw it the first time we met
the artist that is...

He takes metal
and a welder

The Lovely Lizard in the picture is made from an old file
and discarded scraps

I found it on my steps after work one day
No note
No clue as to whom had left this offering
I knew....


All who enter my home must first pass by Charlie
He's my guardian
My soft spoken friend
Who creates 
and creates
and creates

Charlie's retirement was his True Birthday
The day he allowed who he was 
to Be.

I cherish his gift.
Thank You Charlie! 

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