Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Do It!

In 2001 I made a choice that changed my life forever
I became self employed

The Internet opened a virtual door that sparked my imagination
expanded the reach of my skills
and the unthinkable notion that I could work from home
go figure?!

I had NO clue what I was doing  ;-)

10 years later I'm still doin' it!  ;-)

Was it difficult?
A financial roller coaster ride?
Longer work weeks then punchin' a time clock?
Did I have to supplement my income with other part time jobs from time to time?
YES to all the above!

Is it worth it?
Heck YES!

I've written material and provided voice-overs for "virtual" employers via the Internet in Washington DC, Florida, Michigan, New York, Arizona, England and many other locations that I'd have to look up to remember.  
And...a few long-time local clients that are the true life-blood of my business.
Who'd have thunk???
It's been a journey well worth taking
A journey that could abruptly end the moment you decide you can't deal with another change, another lost client or another piece of  equipment that takes a dump when your bank account is at zero.

"Just Do It" becomes your mantra
and you Get "Er Done as best you can

And you keep moving forward
Because you love it
Because you're good at it
Because your "nobody is the boss of me" attitude gets in the way when try to work a "real job" :-)

And at the end of a day when you got up at 5 AM and you finally shut off the computer and recording equipment at 9 PM, and you wonder why you keep doing this...

Someone stops you the next day and says..
"Hey, I called the airport shuttle place in Prescott the other day to book a reservation and your voice was on the phone directory message machine!  It was good to hear your voice!"

Then I think..
Yeah, this is a pretty sweet gig!


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