Thursday, February 24, 2011


So my daughter has posted this picture of her and her brothers onto her Facebook page. I had to laugh when I saw it amongst many other childhood photos.
So many things about this photo are different now. The brown carpet fad is over, that quilt has been gone a long time, I no longer save newspaper for the fireplace and I am actually a better housekeeper now. These three beauties no longer live in the same household and they are well into their 20's now. Christopher (Christo), my oldest (red shirt) no longer sucks his thumb and has a little less hair now. Nicholas (opposite side) whom you met a few days ago no longer pulls his sister's hair and has grown a goutier. Michael (pookie), my daughter (Facebook poster) has grown up to love her brothers and look to them for advice, a second mother of sorts when it's required. She loves her brothers. They are very close. Though distance is beginning to seep into the spaces between, they all talk often and make plans to see one another. Pep talks and answers to solving the world play out through cell phone lines and Internet lines, airlines. Whatever we did, I guess we did it right. They will always support and care for each other no matter what, I know this, even when we are gone, they will gather. They will always give anything needed to each other, they are family, they are bonded, they are siblings and that counts. I like knowing that, I like knowing it all counted...


  1. this is PRECIOUS!!!! I had carpet just like that!! ;-) Ya did good Mom!!