Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Let's go back to 1996

I was preparing to move to Arizona
Began to dig through a lifetime of "stuff"
Some got sold
More got taken to the thrift stores
But at the top of my list was.....
To toss every piece of ugly melmac and corningware I had ever owned!

I wanted Fiestaware!
A different color for every day of the week!
The Speigel catalog was the only place I could find them
I splurged and reveled in my extravagance!!

Viva La Arizona
Here I come Fiestaware and all

Fast forward to 2011
In the years that have stumbled by I've learned that
Some choices are worth the extravagance
Even after all these years.
Life is like a stack of multi-colored Fiestaware
Ya never know what color yer gonna' get

1 comment:

  1. beats tryin to bite into every chocolate in the box to get the only carmel one...haha...love it!