Monday, February 28, 2011


So this weekend I attended a seminar at the Grand Canyon for Coordinators and Field Guides. My first. There is something very special about the the dedication of these people. Tough and yet many are soft spoken, like they are giving reverence to to their passion of what they do, and they are passionate about it. Many took took risks to be here. Braving a ferocious snow storm, while roads and all major highways were being shut down as they traveled their way to the Grand Canyon.
Sitting there in this nearly 100 year old community building, I realized this was a room full of extraordinary people. Some have written books about this timeless place, there were archaeologists, scientist, geologist, botanists, historians, story tellers and a man who has been leading the mule trains for 30 years. 
I was in that room. Watching a snow storm that seemed to be the most beautiful I had ever seen, listening to the most interesting people I have ever met. Me...sitting there...only yards from the rim of one of the worlds biggest wonders. I am amazed and full.


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