Sunday, February 20, 2011


I am trying desperately to escape the winter drearies. 
So I have decided to look to my favorite place in the house for personal bathroom.
Yep...that's what I said, my bathroom.
I love my quiet time in there. Where else can you get rid of waste and be cleansed, renewed, beautified, calmed with total escape and relaxation and baptize yourself in bubbles? Miss Becky shares this space too with her lovely gifts of joy.
Have you ever taken a hot soak with the light hearted scent of lavender and hydrangea? Miss Becky has and knows my secret addiction to the tub. She shared her secret with me and it is like lying naked in summer, floating amongst the sweet Fields of scented flowers. 
Isn't that the other great thing...being naked!
In addition to all of that she also knows my love of the southwest and the very textual art of it.
This wonderful print hangs where I can see it when I walk in and when I am lying in the tub. Somehow in all the craziness this wonderful pic bring me some hope and reminds of the things I love...reminds me of friends.

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  1. So happy you have this pic. :-) Does my heart good to know it is cherished and in a good home with someone who loves bubble baths as much as I do! At least we both have bathtubs now!!!!! Especially thru the winter months.
    Hope the bubble bath gave you a bit of winter blues relief!