Sunday, February 13, 2011

I belong to a poetry performance and writing group called the "MAD Women Poets", a group that has been around now for quite some time. There are many of us now and it is always a joy when we can all come together. Today three of us performed each of our individual pieces, all about "love". We are certainly three peas in a pod and I find this particular pod to be of the sweetest and most pleasing flavor. We all agree. Mary Bragg to the left of me is one of the founders and certainly a dear and inspiring woman and friend. A true, constant friend who I swear saved my life once. To my right is Grace Deer, whom has been reading with us now for quite a while, she is a beautiful mix of Native American heritage and the sweet gritty clay of this Arizona land we all call home. They are both fabulous writers with deep insight to both passion and compassion. I love them dearly. We have well merged spirits, our webs connecting and I thank them for being in my life.

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