Monday, February 21, 2011


This morning as I headed to the trail head for my run and tug with Ellie, I came up over a small rise that over looks the Willow Lake and Granite Dells area. I see it every day. Every day it is different. This morning I was amazed as I always am; by Mother Nature.
If you look closely you can see the low laying clouds resting in the valley between the beautiful red rock formations.
In person, to see it in movement seemed like a reminder, the absolute drama of civilization verses the universe. We are so small really, she, so much larger, so much wiser, so much older. She knows that we won't always be here, that she always will. Long after we are gone. So she takes care, still nurturing her land, pushing the clouds into valleys hoping someone will take pause and notice...

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  1. Even the cold, gray snowy days have moments worth a "pause" or as Ellie would say "Paws". ;-) I have to believe Mother Nature likes Summer better too, her favorite child so to speak. I know Mom's aren't supposed to have favorites but is that the reality???
    Nice moment Miss A. Keep on lookin'!!