Friday, February 25, 2011


Some have heard it said that in Arizona the sunsets are brilliant, the most spectacular of all places. I want to say that the skies here are really beyond any tour guided happen stance. Some times they are on fire. Brilliantly. They spark deepness, they make your imagination imagine, things thought impossible. I have stood in watch with amazing wonder of the things that could be, the places out there in the world waiting for my viewing. I have seen islands in the skies, the ocean it's self on fire with the low lying of the sun. Can you imagine that the sun could move, encircle the earth with such passion. Could you imagine the colors, they are truly colors of a western sky. The Amber's, the pinks and salmons against the blue grayness of a western sky. I live here, inside my heart. A paintbrush of thought and mind, inspired by a sun against a mountain desert.

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  1. Some fires are meant to burn.... Keep the fires burning my friend. ;-)