Friday, February 11, 2011

 There are those of us who dare to dream
Those of us  who dream and remember
Some dream and wonder of meaning
Some dare to push forward and make it so
Because of those who create the dream
There are those who are inspired and compelled
I knew a man once, who dare to create his dream
Each one, one at a time, failing and refocusing on the creation
He dreamed of love and marriage, of unity
He dreamed of having children and passing on his inspirations
He dreamed of being the artist he knew existed in him
He dreamed of building a gallery that would hold a lifetime of admiration
He dreamed for others, that they would share in his good fortune
He dreams still, of the things he will do next, beyond our comprehension
Tonight I salute him, my friend, builder of dreams, for never hesitating
And I wonder if he saw the dream of himself that I did…

1 comment:

  1. indeed a talented man! an inspiration to all us "dreamers"!