Sunday, February 20, 2011

Frog Blog #2

Hi - Ho Kermit The Frog here!

I had to leap off my Lily Pad and respond to BLT's last blog
Now I sympathize with your winter blues, not much of a fan myself being cold blooded and all
... but PleeZE, there are worse things then a bit of cold and snow!

For instance...
Try being green for a day and you'll know what I'm talking about!
It ain't easy!!!!

Green clashes with everything and I don't ever get a decent tan!
  St. Patrick's Day is the only time green is "in"
and even then ... people think I'm a Leprechan

Now if you're a famous Gecko with a English (or is it Australian) accent you can get away with being green
but me .... not so lucky
Snow melts!
Clouds blow away!
Spring WILL arrive!
And you live in Arizona for pete's sake!
How bad can it be?????

Get over yourself!

You could be GREEN!!!!!!!

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