Friday, February 18, 2011


Hello? Anybody out there?
Communicating...geez that's a big word! It involves so much more than it used to, we used to just pick up the phone or write a letter and wait excitedly by the mail box. We do still have mail boxes...right?
We are seldom without contact, and when we are in contact we are completely consumed by it. Have you ever left a "status" message on your face book and not gotten a single reply? We FREAK OUT! What the hell! So we post another just to see if anybody is home, actually alive and paying attention to US! Cell phones? Oh my gosh!...God forbid it should be out of will anyone will they find me...what will I do if I can't check my phone every 10 minutes to see if I have a text, a voice message, email, twitter or facebook? There must be someone somewhere who needs to communicated with me in some way.
I must be available 24/7! OMG the Internet just went down! Crap I am starting to hyperventilate! Can't breathe and I am feeling nauseous....


  1. I am so glad that you are coping with this appropriately!!

  2. Guilty as charged...:-))
    Good thing we have a Soul Sister connection that is WAYYYY more reliable than the internet huh???