Sunday, May 8, 2011


Not everyone has a fabulous Mother...

Those who do are lucky
To have that wonderful female guiding them each day
Setting scruples and standards for living
Teaching the rules of cooking
And how to be thrifty
Maybe encouraging Independence and adventure
While teaching the ways of tradition and mindfulness
If I give credit to any Mother
She would belong to my Father

My Grandfather often said he married her for her legs and her pie
But he loved her
She loved him
She loved her children 
And she loved us
Or most anyone who came into her home and treated her with kindness

As the first grandchild and granddaughter
She pulled me up under her wing
I always thought she was old and feared the day she would leave me
No more long talks
No more walks
No more running to the back door to see which bird was singing for her today
Green beans and pinwheel cookies
Moon wagon rides and cherry picking
Flower gardens and the smell of bacon in the morning
The cleaning, the bed making and homemade pies in time for dinner

All would subside
And has
Except for the things I carry on
All the things that she taught me
All the words of wisdom still lingering inside
Her dishwater hand against my cheek as she brushed the hair from my eyes
My teacher
I miss you...

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