Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Willie & Minnie

My Maternal Grandparents

My Grandaughter requested info about her Great-Grandparents
A Monday night rummage through picture books brought back a flood of long-forgotten memories and photos

The picture of me as a toddler posted last week was in the yard of this couple
A "few" years later
5 kids later
Twin BOYS when Grandma was in her...
Was it her 40's Uncle Bob???
Grandpa was from Germany
Fought in the German Army in WWI
Came to America right after
A relative of his Mother 
Who was a farmer in Nebraska
Paid his boat passage
Grandpa worked off the debt
And he worked
And he worked
And he worked
Started from scratch
And left a legacy of multiple farms
And thousands of acres of Nebraska farm land

But still lived the life of a simple man
Went to church on Sunday
Played cards with the "guys" downtown during the week

Grandma kept the home fires burning
Kids to raise
Meals to cook
Never ending laundry


Such were the things their lives were made of
They did not seek fame or fortune
Or a 5,000 sq. ft. mansion
No BMW's in their driveway
A new Ford (or was it a Chevy) every now and then would do

Lawrence Welk entertained them
(Grandma also loved the Beverly Hillbillies!)
Meat and potatoes sustained them
All they desired was Freedom
Of occupation
Of religion
Of speech
Of mind
A solid foundation for the generations to come
A priceless gift for their Children
For Me
And my Children
And my Grandchildren

What a blessing!
Thanks Grandpa & Grandma


  1. That's her great GREAT grandparents, Dora is her great grandma.....time flies when you're having fun.....

  2. Cheez, so right you are! I stand corrected...cheezzzzz!!