Thursday, May 12, 2011


There are those who sometimes rant and rave about the work that they do
Unhappy with clients or some ridiculous political issue within the working dynamics of a particular company
Long days and not enough pay
Maybe after 15 or 20 years of doing the same thing I would feel the same
But right now, I look ahead at this view
Feeling awed and humbled by it's beauty, it's greatness and it's resistance to time
Today it is my job to share this with those who are curious enough to come here
To my Arizona
I get payed to share this, to stand here and look out across this canyon
To hear the awe of those who have come to see it
It is a wondrous place worth a view
Worth standing quietly on it's edge
A reminder of the part we all play here
On this earth
A flash in the pan in comparison
A rant? none
Only that I am appreciative of being here
With these people
That they PAY me to do this
To introduce that which I love
To connect to the things I am proud of

No complaints here...

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