Friday, May 6, 2011

Black & White World

Love this pic!

My daughter posted it on Facebook in honor of Mother's Day
I'm the toddler
My very young Mom & Dad
Dressed in their best
Not sure what the occasion was
Have to ask Mom before the memory is gone forever

I remember the car well
My brother Tim wasn't born yet 
Neither was Todd
Or Joe

Young family
with their whole lives ahead of them

The location is my Grandparents farm
My Mom's parents
Willie and Minnie

Grandpa had fought for Germany in WWI
And even after all those years
Spoke with a strong German accent
He always carried (and shared) a roll of Lifesavers candy

Grandma's family had lived in the area for generations
 I will never forget her wide smile
And the pink frosting she would put on grocery store bought longjohns
(not the clothing type longjohns.....the bakery donut-like type ;-)

I so wish I had known them better
Asked more questions
Hugged them more
Told them how priceless they were
How much I loved them

Life was so black 
And white


In the eyes of a 2-year old that is

The farm was sold long ago
Grandma passed in the late 70's
Grandpa went shortly after

Dad went to the great fishing hole in the sky in 1992
He was only 59

The old Plymouth is probably in the shelter belt***
 North of the farm 
Where Dad left it after it was beyond repair
No trade-ins in those days 

***(for you non-mid-west-farm folks, that's a grove of trees used as a wind break to keep the topsoil from blowing away.  An invention of the dirty dust-bowl 1930's)

But Mom...
Alive & very well
Just down the road
In an "Adult Community"
Full of Piss & Vinegar
Always there when I need her

Here's to Mom's everywhere

(And any Female who ever loved a child over and beyond all understanding
For one does not need to share blood with a child to feel the passion of Motherhood)

Who survived the challenges of Motherhood
The loss of their own Mothers
And yes, some have even survived the loss of their own children
I can't imagine their strength

Just incredibly grateful
I walk among them

Let no Man stand in the path of a Mother protecting her child
She carries a strength unequaled by any force on Earth

If you doubt any part of that statement
I invite you to meet my Mom!  ;-)


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