Thursday, May 12, 2011


This is Bailey AKA Moo

She's been with us many-a-year
Welsh Corgie
Queen of all she surveys

I shall be in charge of feeding her for a few days
While her momma is traveling
("momma" meaning my oldest daughter)
Moo & I have been through many a move together 
Jenn's retail management career has kept her movin' - movin' - movin' through the years

From 2 apartments in Phoenix
To Prescott Valley (from apartment to house there)
Back to Phoenix
To Vegas
To Austin TX
To Prescott (apartment to house there too)
To Tucson
Did I forget anything???

When Mooo is displeased
Her look could kill a Sumo Wrestler at 100 yards
When she's happy she actually has a smile...I SWEAR!

She thinks people (especially little children) are all cattle
Or sheep
Or some such critter
Goes into herding mode
Gotta keep everyone together ya know!?

Ah yes....
Me and Moo and Willy shall spend a little quality doggie time together

Whom ever said ....
"going to the dogs" 
And meant it as a bad thing
Wasn't a dog person
And should be severely punished

(bad Sumo Wrestler look going to this person now.....)

Will & I are on my way Moo
We're bringing treats!!


  1. Princess Moo is ready and waiting for you! Thanks for loving my moo

  2. WE made it! Princess Moo is dancing a happy dance ;-) In her own "bunny hop" kind of way. Was goofy happy to see Willy, was totally in his face. Too Cute!!