Monday, May 23, 2011

Saucy Saguaro

Tis the season 
For the Queen of the Desert
To blossom

For some reason I love the contrast between
Lethal needle sharp spines
And the gentleness of harmless blooms

Like Arizona itself
A sharp contrast
Between desert
And snow capped mountains
And one of the reasons
I am attached to her
Like a child  to her Mother

The ruby red fruit that follows
Is entirely edible
And a gourmet treat to those who know the secret of its flavors

For centuries.
The Arizona O'odham tribe
Has picked 
And turned
Saguaro fruit
Into delectable delights

The wisdom of the Native Peoples of Arizona
(of all Native Peoples)
Amaze and astound me

Rock On O' Queen Saguaro and those who reap the bounty of Her Fruit!!
I bow down and salute you!


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