Friday, May 20, 2011

Just Thinkin'

I am no Aristotle
Have no framed diploma on my wall
And yet
I do think deeply
Of things that touch us all

The joys
And the sorrows

The triumphs
And the loss
 Some days I am the servant
Some days I am the boss
Of my own imagination
Of my own scattered fragmented thoughts

I wonder if...
The world would end if I'd just play all day
Ate until my tummy ached
And in the sun would lay

Perhaps the world would stall a bit
Slow down a tad and watch
A I grew fat and happy
And say out loud
"Well Gosh"!

I want to do that also
Appreciate my days
Not trudge through life grudgingly
But spread joy along the way

I'd teach them how to lounge upon lily pads
Afloat upon cool ponds
Give lessons on sun bathing
And cat napping
Then how to find their voices
And sing into the night
Til dawn

Ah yes I am a humble critter
Not much to look at
Or one to brag

But I my thoughts are quite exquisite
Some days they are all I have

To bring me through the dark times
When the sunshine seems all spent
And life seems more about where I'm not going
Than where I've already went

So back into my thoughts I slip
Gathering positive momentum
For mind creates the matter
And it matters
That we have some

Mind-Full-Ness that is

Just thinkin..........

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