Sunday, May 1, 2011


In the haste and need to find warmth
I escaped to Phoenix
Not my favorite place...or even close
But there are a few advantages to being there
My sister and her children live in that god forsaken place
As well as my daughter and father 
So I get the joy of enjoying their company
And this time of year...the perfect warmth and sunshine
After the relentless teasing
With sunshine and rising temperatures
That Prescott and area has brought us
Then the cold and freezing winds that have already killed my potted plants
I had to escape!

We hiked to the top of Pinnacle Peak
A feat when you are only nine
                                  Nephew, Alta (who happens to love that we were higher in Alta-tude)
My daughter, Michael
And myself
We ate lunch at the top under the shade of a small desert shrub
Me warming myself like some northern Arizona lizard
In the sun, against the rocks, soakin the rays
The two of them seeking shade and discussing how warm it was
I think my nephew was even sweating...

PS: Alta took this picture with his own camera
You can't see his mouth but, it doesn't matter 'cause...his eyes are smiling

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  1. Ah, the warmth! will it stay next time it visits us????