Tuesday, May 3, 2011

No Place Like....


No, this isn't my home but it's someones "once in a while" get-a-way home down the road from my home

An eclectic hodge podge of 
This 'N That
Tic'ed 'N Tack'd Together

Years of 
Adding To
Taking From

Making do with what's at hand
No Home Depot or Lowe's around the corner
Only left overs from past projects
Or what neighbors pass on
Or what the landscape offers for savvy scavengers

Granite counter tops 
Probably not

Crystal chandeliers
Probably not

Media room
Probably not
.....well Maybe??!!!

Ya just never know what you'll find

Behind the simplest exteriors
Lie the most extraordinary surprises

As a "Home" should be
As "Life" should be

One and the same
Just carrying different names

As Dorothy said with a new perspective
While clicking the heels of her Ruby Red Slippers
"There's No Place Like Home"

Where ever
What ever
That may be

Whether it's a mansion in Beverly Hills
Patch-work pieced forest cabin

Home truly isn't what you see
It's what you feel when you're there

What you fill it with
Is up to You...

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