Friday, May 20, 2011


Well as I am seldom one to stay quiet, to with hold my mind
I wish I could find some sort of control on not speaking out on this whole RAPTURE thing
It is best I believe to beg silence on topics such as money, politics and certainly the topic of religion
Alas on the eve of this very RAPTURE I feel the need to express my thoughts to a certain point
What a gimmick this has become
I am disgusted by it's politics
It's inbred fear and spreading ignorance
Shame on you
Where are your heads man?!
Or better yet your hearts
Your souls
Your support for mankind, the human race as a whole?
These are not found in books
Nor are they forgiven in the last moments of sinners
There are NO gods that will lift you from the depths of hell
And pronounce you "Saints" or "sheep"
Inside...that is where you look
That is where your fogiven freedom will be found
And tomorrow when you wake...
Expect to find that your nieghbors will still be the same people that were there before...
Clearer eyes will see clearer souls
Look all around you 
Not just up with a selfish view
I would hate to see you all clammering your way up
Climbing over one another...trying to find your way to some heaven
As the chosen ones
It's here...or hadn't you heard?

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