Monday, April 4, 2011

Resting Rose

A stroll along a rocky jetty in San Diego years ago
Presented this particular Kodak Moment

Not going to get wordy here

The image itself is worth a thousand words

What could it mean?
A rose placed on stone

I've always wondered
What the story behind the rose could be


  1. Perhaps a valentine rose that had grown tired?

    Or a single bloom from a dozen or so, that was to mark an important moment but became lost in the trivial nonsense that makes up so much of our lives...

    The misunderstanding, the crossed communication, that sits somewhere between what was said and what was heard...

    let's keep thw possibilities going.

  2. Ah, the total freedom of possibilities ... Yes, let's keep the possibilities going! Thanks for expanding on the possibilities Lynette.

  3. Perhaps it is an offering to something greater than ourselves. Maybe a humble sign of recognition, the powerful sea outlined in solidity. Constant, mysterious and sure of itself; a "thank you" for being that in the lives of humanity.