Tuesday, April 12, 2011

HOLY Snake Batman!!

Guess it's warmin' up in Arizona!

The reptiles are sunnin'
Coming back "up the mountain" this afternoon
After picking up a couple of quads some friends are loaning us over the summer
This fine 3' - 4' specimen was stretched out
Takin' up 2/3 of the road

I had to stop and capture this Kodak moment
Was hopin' he (or she..how DO you tell?) was a Diamondback Rattler

But .....
No rattle
Just a boring 'ole snakey

Not a fan
But I do admire their resilience
And if I'm not in harms way
(Or high above them in a BIG truck like today)
I like to Observe

A sure sign Summer's comin to Arizona :-)

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