Tuesday, April 19, 2011


A day in my life...

Many lives I lead 
But, gathered all in one
I do not believe in any religion, god or deity
No mythical perception
The wrongs and failings that I have committed are my own
No one to blame
The same as the "blessings" are mine alone
The things that "I" have chosen
The path that I walk belongs to me
I have learned and taken that which suits "me"
Who I am
On any given day
My spirituallity is my own
I will share it with you
As I would respect yours'
I am amazed at the people in my life
The luck of knowing so many
And sharing their lives
Where you come from...matters not
To me
Here in this photo...
A lifetime of friendship
From here until always 
They allow me the spice
In this very sweet thing we call life

To all of you...I LOVE YOU

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