Sunday, April 3, 2011

Snail's Pace

Who'd have thunk there were snails in Arizona?

Well, not here on the mountain
But my former home in Prescott had 'em everywhere
The rains brought them out by the dozens
From beneath the trailing vines that bordered the yard

For critters that have a reputation for being S  L  O  W
They sure had a way of appearing out of no where
After a refreshing summer monsoon rain

And instantly vanishing as temps climbed
And puddles evaporated

Minding their own business
Sneaking out 
To bask in the outside world
For a moment
Their moment

Risking their lives

Easy prey for 
Curious Cats
Mischievous Dogs
And the such...

No speedy getaway
Poisonous sting
Lethal bite

Just pure faith

And the Knowing 

That a Moment for Self
Is worth the risk

Better to risk death
For a taste of glorious freedom
Than be paralyzed forever
In the darkness of captive fear

Who'd have thunk??

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