Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is a photo I took of my girlfriend Tera this past fall...

A camping trip on the beach at Dohaney

Three very powerfully spirited women
Miss Tera, Miss Becky (my blog mate) and myself

Devouring the mightiness of sand and sea

She was in town today and it was good to see her
Our time spend well 
Talking of life and all it's happenings
Funny we no longer try to solve the problems of the world
Or even our own...maybe we no longer really have any
We talked about the earth and all it's earthiness
About the cultures, the beauty in them
About Arizona and the southwest
How we are decidedly in love with it
And the ocean...I guess we would both change that one thing 
Move the ocean to the southwest

Mexican food and an ice cold Modello at Casa Sanchez
A favorite restaurant, ended our day
She will be back, so we made plans

I will always picture her here
At the waters edge, just this way

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