Saturday, April 23, 2011

Little Known Heroes

Bikers come in all ages

Some have exceptionally big hearts
Like the little known hero above

Every summer a Phoenix Chapter of the Wind & Fire Motorcycle Club (an organization for Firefighters) have a benefit motorcycle run.  Monies go to Camp Courage Burn Camp in Prescott, AZ.  The camp is for kids who have suffered through serious burn injuries.  It's a week of fun, entertainment and the companionship of others who have been through the same life changing experience of being a burn victim.  

The Wind & Fire members ride from Phoenix to Prescott where they are joined by other bikers and then make a grand entrance, usually over 100 strong, (which I was a part of last year...totally major cool!) into Camp Courage where they are greeted by cheers of excitement by the kids attending the camp.  

A feast of burgers and dogs is served by the Prescott Wind & Fire Whiskey Row Chapter (which by the way I'm an associate member :-) where kids and bikers sit side by side, each in awe of the other.

The presentation of donations is made afterward.  Generous sponsors fork up hefty amounts of the much needed cash that keeps the Camp going year after year.  Without these funds the camp would fold. 

The big, bad biker with the Viking Horns above let the kids paint his beard red, white & blue and willingly let me document it in a photo.  He wore it proudly!

Did I mention the big, bad Viking Horn adorned biker (who wears his horns as he rides by the way...) writes a donation check to Camp Courage every year?  Last year I think it was around $10,000. 

Little Known Heroes walk amongst us each and every day. 
Never assume you've never met one.
I guarantee you have....

I certainly have
He let me take his picture

And the most precious little Known Heroes of all..
The kids who watched wide-eyed at all these people
Who cared
Who Shared
Who didn't know them
Yet made it possible for them to just be a kid at camp
Forget about a disfiguring scar
A lifetime handicap
The pain of skin grafts

I'll see them all again June 13th
At the Next Wind & Fire Burn Camp Run

What an honor to be amongst so MANY heroes!

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