Friday, April 15, 2011

If it looks like a duck...

Nothing represents the message of "still" like water

First quad ride of the Spring today
Up into the inner sanctuaries of 


Not large enough to be christened "lake"
Not small enough to be labeled "pond"
Perhaps a Lakond?
Calmness lies upon Her surface
like stretched silk

A lone mallard paddled out from among the cattails
Broke the perfect stillness 
Leaving a trail of parted waters
That spread across the Lakond
In perfectly synchronized ripples

Duck and water
Sharing space
Without intrusion of one upon the other

Perfect relationship
Unison extraordinaire

Of course he wouldn't let me capture it on my camera
Kept his distance

 That's OK
Some things you just can't capture

I do believe that's a good thing
A very good thing....

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