Sunday, April 10, 2011


Alas, I have no sisters

In the "we share blood" sense

In the "share heart" sense
I have a precious few

One of course is my blog-mate Amy
I cannot remember a time without her 
Nor do I want to

The two ladies in the picture above are also "shared heart" sisters
As opposite as night and day
The two of them have been best friends since high school
Both are now grandmothers
One... a great-granny

They entered my life probably 7, 8, 9...years ago
Have lost track...
As with Amy
I cannot remember a time without them
Nor do I want to
We have shared many memorable "girl times"

This weekend marked a "dream-come-true" for one of these sisters
A Live Beyond Fulfillment experience for sure
A leap of faith accomplished

 And so it is...  ;-)


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