Friday, June 17, 2011

Paths Untraveled

I should be working
Internet Assessor the job title is
Convenient work from home gig
It's been a year since it saved my financial Ass
Hate it
Makes me think
And research
And put my "logical" hat on
Wrings my brain inside-out
To top it off
Every "task" has to be completed SUPER Quick
and SUPER correctly
Too many rules
I hate rules
BUT my gratitude cup runneth over
For the paycheck

Enough of that

On the Eve of my Birthday
I wish not to work

(but I will after this blog ... 2 more hours to go)

Especially after spending a week on the road
On 2 Harley wheels
With my Best Friend
Loyal low maintenance companion
The best half of all of me
And the middle of my 3 younger brothers
Along with my SISTER (this is where in-law is supposed to go but it doesn't apply here)

  Doing what I do best
Drinking in the magical potion of
Rushing, overflowing snow-melt filled rivers
Snow capped mountain ranges
Over grown and gently flowing grasslands
Forested canyons
Fresh air with a fragrance so sweet it makes you shiver

Every precious element of Nature In The Raw

On the Eve of my Birthday
I sit inside
Looking outside
At all I want to experience
Before the door closes
Before my Bucket List is put in a drawer

 Last week I rode with my brother
One bucket list item that went from "want to" to "DID IT"

Now on to the next
And the next
And the next

I love Birthdays

 I shall have my Birthday Cake 
And eat it too!
365 days a year
For everyday is a 
Birth Day!

(P.S.  Happy Birth Day to Grand Son Ryan Today!  6 is a marvelous age! )

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